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Framework::UI is a cross-platform UI library based on the Framework system. I wrote this in C++, using OpenGL for rendering on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. When running on windows, the library can optionally use Direct3D11 instead of OpenGL, allowing it to be easily integrated into any application that uses hardware-accelerated rendering. The UI also uses GPU acceleration to provide a number of nifty display effects such as transitions between tabs. The Framework's native windowing system handles interaction with the environment (X, Win, etc). The library supports a large number of widgets and utility classes (such as dialogs), and allows users to easily extend existing controls or create their own UI elements. The UI's appearance can also be skinned, and the layout manager supports different margins and padding amounts for different skins. The images below demonstrate the UI system. Each window's layout was created with the automatic layout manager instead of placing each control seperately.