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Open-source client and server library for OPC UA
Open-source LZNA compressor (dictionary with nibbled ANS and optimal parsing).
C++, OpenGL, algorithms
C++, OpenGL, algorithms
C++, Kinect, interactive multi-touch display, realtime rendering
Cross-platform API-agnostic C++ UI library
Stable rigid body dynamics, joints, springs, trimeshes
Dynamic realtime 3D visibility determination library
Interactive runtime OpenGL debugger
Scripting language and bytecode VM
C#, WinForms, hex editor with structures
Native emulator with JIT in C++ and Vulkan
Open-source Gameboy emulator in Typescript
Min-max AI and physically based rendering in WebGL
JS, HTML5, WebCanvas
ReactJS, HTML5, WebCanvas
WebGL, geomipmapping, texture streaming
GPU-based realtime fluid dynamics, OpenCL
GPU-based realtime ocean dynamics, FFT, OpenCL, fluid rendering, atmospheric rendering
C++, OpenGL, game engine development, realtime rendering, navigation mesh pathfinding, rigid-body and capsule physics