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Circuit Designer

Circuit Designer is a small program I wrote at university to design, implement and test logic circuits. Integrated circuits are now supported. If you are studying computer architecture/organization and programming, you might find ASM Ed useful for writing MIPS code.


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Download link
Download some sample circuits

Tutorial - From the start to building a half adder.
Tutorial - Integrated circuits.


You can now save or copy images from the File menu. You have the option of saving to file or copying to clipboard.

It's now possible to design and use integrated circuits from the Integrated Circuit menu. To remove one, use Elements>Remove. There are some presets for commonly used integrated circuits, I'll probably add more in the future.

Keyboard shortcuts have been added:
Ctrl + C: Connect
Ctrl + D: Disconnect
Ctrl + I: Input
Ctrl + O: Output
Ctrl + S: Splitter

Note that in Build mode, you can't toggle any inputs and the truth table isn't shown. In Test mode, note that you can't modify the circuit except for toggling inputs (red is on, black is off). The truth table is only active in Test mode. Click on "About" to see when I released the version that you use.